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Your guidance, assistance, hand holding, and counseling has been invaluable to us. We know you always say “just doing my job” but it has been so much more! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Regina and Richard Tew,
Jahree Koening
Foothills Outfitters

There are many reasons to exit a business…

Lifestyle change
Health issues
Trouble with vendors
Low wages
Decreased sales
Smaller profits
Employee turnover
Increased competition

… but only four ways to exit a business

Sell to a new owner

This is the first choice for most retailers, but it’s also the least viable. Can you find a buyer who can actually afford to buy your store? Can they get the financial backing? Can they pay back their loan and still draw a salary based upon predicted sales? What they are willing to pay for your inventory? How long will it take to find a buyer?

Sell the business to family

Certainly, this is an option for a limited number of retailers. First, you must find a family member who wants to go into the family business. Second, you must objectively qualify them just as you would any buyer. Do they have the necessary expertise and financial background to make your business successful?

Declare bankruptcy

No retailer wants to go this route. If you think your business is insolvent or nearly so, call us for help. It may not be necessary to declare bankruptcy.

Hire Quitting Business, Inc.

This is the only logical choice for most retailers. You can sell your inventory to an already established market – your present customers. We will return our fee back to you many times over through a carefully structured business plan designed just for your particular situation.

Don’t even think about it

We don’t even mention liquidating the store by yourself. Over the years we have watched many retailers try to do their own liquidation. Each would have done better getting help from professional liquidators. It is not unusual for us to receive phone calls from retailers who say, “Can you come and help us out? We started a liquidation, but it isn’t working.”

At this point, it’s too late. Regretfully, we must say, “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.”