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Closing store


Thank you for the “Honorarium.” It was so thoughtful. Proves what I always thought of you… a really class act. It is always easy to give you a great referral. You know what you are doing, do it well, plus you are just a great human being! Thank you again.

Linda Bachmann
My Favorite Things

Here’s how it works

Initial Consultation
  1. We discuss your needs and answer questions on the phone.
  2. We provide information on the liquidation process.
  3. You tell us about your situation by filling out our questionnaire.
  4. We analyze your situation and discuss sales projections.
  5. We submit a proposal.
  6. We review the proposal and answer your questions.
  7. You decide if our services meet your requirements.
Planning the Sale

Once you accept our proposal we discuss:

  1. The best time and duration for the sale.
  2. The advertising plan.
  3. A labor plan so you will have the correct number of staff at the right time.
  4. An inventory plan, so the quantities and types of inventories will bring you the highest rate of return.
  5. An inclusive markdown strategy designed for your entire sale.
  6. We provide non-legal advice for debt consolidation strategies with your vendors.
Promoting the Sale
  1. Advertising and copy is submitted to newspaper, broadcast, and web-based media.
  2. We provide all interior/exterior signs and banners free of charge.
Implementing the Sale
  1. We arrive at your store a two to four days before the sale starts.
  2. The store is closed for two to four days before the sale starts.
  3. Price guns, labels, and other pricing equipment are provided and staff is trained in their use.
  4. The staff marks down prices as instructed.
  5. We display the signs and banners.
  6. The sales floor will be re-merchandised if necessary.
  7. We teach your staff to expedite the cashiering system, and conduct sales tasks in a liquidation setting.
  8. We will work with you until your entire inventory is gone.